Inspiration from the Couch

EP 55: Dialectics

July 21, 2022 Avery Hoenig, PhD, Jamie Wilson, PhD, and Lucy Smith, PhD Season 1 Episode 55
Inspiration from the Couch
EP 55: Dialectics
Show Notes

In today’s episode, Jamie, Avery, and Lucy talk about the concept of “Dialectics,” which is holding two opposite viewpoints that are simultaneously true. This entails leaning heavily into both-and thinking, rather than getting trapped in either-or thinking. We talk through several “dialectical dilemmas,” including: 

  • Acceptance (validation) vs change (problem solving)
  • Emotion Mind vs Reasonable Mind (which equals Wise Mind)
  • Rigidity vs flexibility
  • Lie the Fuck Down vs Get the Fuck Up
  • Being self-less vs prioritizing ourselves
  • Speaking truth vs being kind

We also explore some of the factors that make dialectics hard, as well as the benefits of approaching life from a more dialectical perspective. 

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